SAS and Siemens partner on AI for cloud and IoT data

The system will make it even much more efficient for providers and producers to generate IoT applications.
Microsoft and BMW have joined forces to develop a cloud based manufacturing system, which aims to help companies take benefit of industrial IoT tech. It has been assembled to power factories of the future, focusing on open technology which may be utilized and connected with any other producer’s infrastructure. The companies haven’t disclosed how much money they are investing in the job rather than have they revealed any other businesses they are in talks with to enlarge it, but Microsoft has clarified it expects to work with another four to six producers and providers by the time the year is out.

The partnership also revealed that it needs to get launched 15 usage cases at the end of the calendar year, whether they are to make open source components which may be used across standards, producers or data. The open manufacturing platform will be built upon Microsoft IoT system and will be powered by Azure, like BMW. Microsoft is joining forces with the BMW Group at change production efficiency throughout the industry, said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president, Microsoft Cloud + AI Group. Our dedication to creating an open community will create new opportunities for cooperation across the whole manufacturing value chain.

The German automobile maker said it already has 3, 000 machines operating using Microsoft’s cloud suite of solutions and analytics tools and several of its innovations will likely be absorbed in the Open Manufacturing Platform. The interconnection of production sites and systems and also the secure integration of partners and providers are particularly significant, Oliver Zipse, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Production said. We’ve been relying upon the cloud because 2016 and are constantly developing new strategies. With the open manufacturing platform as the next step, we would like to make our alternatives available to other businesses and leverage possible to be able to ensure our strong position on the marketplace in the long term.

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