Nutanix and HPE join forces to provide hybrid cloud as a service

The solution unites HPE’s GreenLake and Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud OS software.
HPE and Nutanix have expanded their partnership with the launching of a hybrid cloud-as-a service stage, combining the GreenLake and Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud OS software of HPE. The firms said that supplying their products collectively will serve up a hybrid infrastructure entirely handled by HPE, in a lower cost than the prerequisite solutions. It also provides more flexibility at a time information centers or a co location facility. The offering has been designed for companies wanting to scale-up their infrastructure to operate mission critical workloads and large information applications.

It supports SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft environments, plus virtualised large information applications, like Splunk and Hadoop. The statement is in response to some issue of overcomplexity from legacy hardware, and concerns over vendor lock-in when trying to move to a model, in accordance with the companies. HPE created the contemporary on assumptions, as an agency consumption market with HPE GreenLake. Hundreds of global customers today Leverage HPE GreenLake to acquire the advantages of a cloud experience along with the safety, governance, and application performance of an on property environment, while paying for the service based on actual consumption, said Antonio Neri, president and CEO, HPE.

Today, HPE is expanding its leadership in this market by offering additional alternative to clients seeking a cloud alternative that guarantees greater agility. As part of the arrangement, Nutanix’s channel partners can obtain access to HPE servers, giving them an opportunity to sell the hardware alongside the software of Nutanix, providing clients a solution. Our clients tell us that it is their applications that matter. Our partnership with HPE will provide Nutanix clients with another option to make their infrastructure imperceptible so that they can concentrate on business critical programs, not the underlying technology, said Dheeraj Pandey, CEO founder and chairman of Nutanix. We’re delighted to partner with HPE for the advantage of businesses looking for the right hybrid cloud solution for their business.

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