Amazon Web Services Opens Availability Zone in Singapore

In an offer to support the accelerated expansion of the AWS client base in the Asia Pacific region, Cloud Amazon Web Services on Wednesday announced the opening of a 3rd Availability Zone at Singapore. A new availability zone will allow clients, who’re already using AWS, with even higher reliability, flexibility and greater choice. Accessibility areas refer to technology infrastructure in both distinct and different geographic locations with sufficient space to significantly reduce the potential risk of one event affecting accessibility. AWS is increasing its commitment to the rapidly growing Southeast Asia region by opening a 3rd Availability Zone, so AWS clients have another local option where they can run mission critical workloads and store information, Nick Walton, Managing Director, ASEAN, AWS, said in a statement.

Start-up businesses to international corporations and public sector organizations are utilizing the AWS Singapore Region to build and run their business from the AWS Cloud. An enthusiastic base of clients across Southeast Asia have selected to build your business on AWS because it offers more functionality compared to other Cloud platforms, Walton added. AWS offers Amazon CloudFront services at outlying sites in Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Singapore for clients looking to deliver web sites, applications and content to end users with reduced latency. We’re pleased that AWS is fostering its own commitment to this region with the 3rd Availability Zone, which help support expansion of our digital programs, & rdquo and will boost its resilience, said George Wang, Senior Vice President Information Technology, Singapore Airlines. APN Partners around Asia Pacific welcomed the expansion of the AWS Asia Pacific Region. This may allow clients in Singapore and across South East Asia to leverage additional capability and flexibility to build scalable and highly available applications, added Varoon D Rajani, CEO of BlazeClan Technologies. AWS offers 51 availability areas across 18 geographic regions in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

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