Alibaba Cloud ranked first in APAC by Gartner for IaaS

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud calculating and data intelligence arm of Alibaba Group, was named first in Asia Pacific market share for IaaS and IUS In two consecutive years according to Gartner’s latest report revealed earlier this month named Market Share: IT Services, 2018. It’s also kept its top three supplier position in the same area. According to this industry Action taken by a global analyst firm Gartner, Alibaba Cloud directed The Asia Pacific marketplace for IaaS and IUS with 19.6% market share. The tech innovator is followed closely by 11.0percent and 8.Market share of 0% of the second and third player correspondingly in Asia Pacific at 2018.

Alibaba Cloud boasts a strong network in Asia Pacific, with 15 accessibility zones in the area outside China, covering Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Japan markets. It’s the only worldwide cloud provider which has set up local data centers in Indonesia and Malaysia, offering a broad range of data and cloud analytics products. Alibaba Group VP Lancelot Guo says, It’s encouraging that our continued commitment to enable the development of cloud computing across businesses In both Asia Pacific and internationally has been recognised by world’s leading research and advisory company. As the only worldwide cloud provider originating from Asia, we’ll continues to champion millions of businesses through our top notch infrastructure, advanced analytics and a thriving ecosystem. Alibaba Cloud has championed the development of data and cloud wisdom in Asia Pacific since its inception 10 decades ago and has helped significantly improve the cost efficiency and lower other barriers to technology adoption by businesses of any size around the globe. The company was the technology and cloud system underpinning the entire Alibaba economics from commerce and payment, to logistics and supply chain management. The scalability, credibility, and safety of Alibaba Cloud are predominant to the Alibaba Group business and the stage has sustained tests of the real world on a regular basis, most especially throughout the Alibaba 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, encouraging USD30.8 billion of transactions within a single day.

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